I am Agnes

I am a web designer focused on beautiful yet accessible websites, that bring happiness (aka profits) to their owners.

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I design websites

I spend most of the week creating websites with the best Team at Douglass Digital – a Cambridge based webdesign agency. We build Membership, CRM, e-commerce and brochure websites based on WordPress.
Check our latest creations:

www.scipio.bio www.bou.org.uk

I draw, illustrate, and more

I create bespoke illustrations for brands that take care of their originality and know that wide used stock imagery won't help them. Authentic, tailored doodles, sketches, drawings and illustrations will take your brand to the next level, while animating these - even to the universe!

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I freelance

Are you looking for a new partner in your crime business? I help creating web and digital strategy, presenting your brand online, finding solutions to achieve your online goals. Please contact me below to book a free 20 minutes call.

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